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Sell It Faster, Get More Cash

Want to sell your car but not sure where you'll get the best deal? Look no further, Motor Trends of Houston has you covered.

  • SELL IT FASTER. Drive up, let us evaluate your vehicle and make you an offer. Then walk away with your cash in about 30 minutes. (That's considerably less time than you'd spend at any of the bigger "chain" dealerships.)
  • GET MORE CASH. That's right. We guarantee you'll receive at least $500 more than what CarMax, Texas Direct, or any other valid competitor offers.*
  • HASSLE-FREE PROCESS. We're a privately-owned company, so you work directly with the owner. Our process is seamless, professional, and respectful of your time.
  • CONVENIENT PICK-UP. We'll even pick up your car and go over the details over the phone. So you don't even need to leave your house or workplace to sell your vehicle and have the cash in your hands.
  • NO-RUSH OFFER. Our estimates are valid for 10 days, so you will never feel pressured to accept on the spot.

*Must present written estimate from competitor.

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