Get to Know Motor Trends of Houston

Our dedicated team of experts has a combined expertise that transcends every expectation of the automotive industry. We are small and nimble by design, so that we can walk each client through the selection and buying process efficiently and professionally, resulting in the absolute best car-buying experience.

Garrick Hatfield

email | 281-968-7392

With more than two decades of experience in the automobile industry, there are two things Garrick knows for certain: how to provide unbeatable client service, and a car's true value. He brings countless accolades, including the Automotive Hall of Fame, and an undeniable passion for creating award-winning dealerships and successful team leadership.

Phyllis Szydlowski

email | 281-968-7868

Throughout her 27-year career in the Texas automotive dealership industry, Phyllis has helped build and shape service, warranty, and accounting departments into successful entities that create a positive customer experience from start to finish. She works side-by-side with Garrick at Motor Trends of Houston to curate an exceptional inventory of quality used cars.

Amanda Caskey

email | 281-968-7868

Amanda's focus has been the same across her 25+ year career in the automotive world: helping clients find solutions that are right for them. She will keep you thoroughly informed of all of the available finance and insurance options offered when purchasing a vehicle and works in tandem with Garrick and Phyllis to provide the utmost level of service when it comes to all the details.