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Vehicle Consignment

Motor Trends of Houston Vehicle Consignment

You've got a car you don't need anymore, maybe to buy that sweet new ride you've had your eye on, or to put some cash away for a rainy day. All that stands in the way? The painful process of selling it yourself. By the time you think about detailing, photos, online listings, answering questions from lookie-loos, worrying about your safety, and wondering if your buyer will come through with the payment, you might wonder if you're better off just walking away.

Take heart! Motor Trends of Houston is here to help. Our vehicle consignment sales process brings sellers more money with less hassle, and offers buyers great prices and a trusted product. Why choose vehicle consignment?

It's simple: We do the work, and you get the proceeds. Our vehicle consignment process handles:

  • Marketing your car: We do the reconditioning, photos, marketing and selling. Your car will be advertised on all major websites, including CarFax, AutoTrader, CarGurus and more. Our expert and professional team has trued-and-tried experience in selling and buying vehicles.
  • Getting you more money: With our small fee, your net check is slightly below retail, which gets you more money than 'trade-in.' We have fast financing that can get a buyer financed within minutes through our partner banks, and we accept all major credit cards. More options mean a better sale for you.
  • Peace of mind and security: You don't have to worry about fake cashier's checks or scams. We take that risk, and you are protected. And no strangers will come to your home or bother you all day with calls.
  • Giving buyers options: We accept trade-ins. And we ship our vehicles worldwide and nationally, and free throughout Texas, which attracts a larger audience to view our inventory (a.k.a. your vehicle).
  • All the logistics: You retain ownership and title until we sell your vehicle. We handle all tax, title, and license requirements for the buyer.

Our simple vehicle consignment process

  1. Get started: Fill out the form below and click submit.
  2. Make arrangements: We will contact you shortly to discuss the vehicle and your selling goals. We'll schedule a time for you to bring in your car, or we can pick up the car via flatbed (for a small fee).
  3. Inspection and pricing: Once the vehicle arrives at Motor Trends of Houston, our service team will inspect it to verify the condition. We'll contact you to discuss any discrepancies or adjustments. You'll know the asking price and how much you'll earn before we advertise the vehicle.
  4. Sign the agreement: You will be provided a Consignment Agreement to sign. The agreement clearly and without any 'small print' spells out plans and expectations for Motor Trends of Houston and you. Click on VIEW AGREEMENT below.
  5. Showtime! We service, detail and photograph your car for our website. We'll keep you informed of any issues before we advertise the car. We advertise via AutoTrader, Website, CarGurus, CarFax and many local credit unions like Amoco, Galveston Government Employees Credit Union, Harris County Federal Credit Union, JSC Federal Credit Union, Mobiloil Credit Union and Shell Federal Credit Union. Our highly targeted digital marketing campaigns drive more views and qualified offers.
  6. Get your money: When the car sells, we will collect the original title from you. We give you a check payment immediately for the agreed-upon price.

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